Monday, May 21, 2007

Roll on 1 July 2007 when smoking is banned

Roll on the glorious 1st July 2007. On this day, I will be able to stand on a train platform and move only to a) get on the train b) get away if a weirdo is standing too close to me c)because I feel like being closer to my exit point when I get off the train.

I will not have to move because some inconsiderate person has decided that my side is the place that they want to puff their cancer-causing, teeth-staining, bad-breath-inducing cigarette smoke. And it’s even more annoying when I’ve literally squeezed myself into the tiniest part of the platform where the air is smoke-free.

So like I said, roll on 1st July!

On this day, if it rains and I am getting on the bus – and the fact that it is a rarity these days is besides the point! – I can stand under the bus shelter to keep my peep-toe stilettos dry without having to give fierce looks to yet another smoker who has decided that they couldn’t care less about the fact that we all want to stay dry without passive smoking.

On this day, I can go out and paint the town red at my dancing venue or bar of choice and not narrowly miss my arm being turned into a stub point by a dimwit who can’t understand the importance of not swinging their smoking hand in small places. On this day, I will possibly avoid getting into an argument with someone who is crazy enough to burn a hole in my outfit or scald me with their cigarette because of their absentmindedness.

On this day I will breathe a sigh of relieve and, yes polluted, clean air! Oh how I can’t wait for this day…

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Miss May said...

hipp hipp hurray for that...i agree with you by painting town red at your dancing venue...there is nothing annoying than coming home and wondering why ou smell of smoke when you havent even touched a cigarette...
well about 30 more days..the days goes yeh..lets roll on the 1st of July..