Friday, May 25, 2007

Forget disgraceful bus drivers, what about train station controllers - how do they sleep at night? And not with Horlicks I bet!

The fact that Horlicks uses them on their TV ads just says it all. And besides that, I don't really use buses that much these days. And in the stilettos that I wear , I'm not in danger of their nasty ways.

To be fair, the last time I was running - more like limping - for the bus, the bus driver actually waited for my unfit self to get on the bus. It was so funny, there I was in 3-inch heels, a massive handbag (well big bags are a big fashion thing at the moment), a carrier bag with three pairs of shoes I'd bought in the sale at Faith that day, and a laptop!

I'm not surprised the bus driver felt sorry for me. Maybe he was just getting a thrill out of watching me limp for the bus. Lord knows what he was saying before I finally made it cos half the bus were ready to give me a standing ovation.

But back to my other point, the new culprits are train drivers ... And I need to take a breath before I start. Last Friday, I was standing on my usual platform waiting for my usual 5.35pm train. It's the same one that goes from Sutton to London Bridge. I was early for once so I just stood there relaxing, looking up at the monitor every once in a while. Then I noticed that my train had changed platforms. I had a few minutes to walk from one side of the station to the next, and I had plenty of time - even in my stilettos.

So, I'm walking across and then get half way down the stairs when the idiot train guys blows the whistle for the train to go. To say that I was fuming is an understatement. I still had a minute left and, if anything, my shoes were making more noise than a rugby team's cry before a match. And the idiot train guy blatantly saw me coming - if he didn't hear my clanging heels.

How do these people sleep at night?


Emz said...

Forget horlicks, the people who work the public transport system get cheap thrills from messing the rest of us about. I think that's what they fall asleep to. It's not the relaxing nature of a bedtime beverage that soothes them into the silken arms of sleep, it's the look on London commuter's faces when they mess up our routine, yet other words, I feel your pain!

Anonymous said...

apparently the train can leave 30 seconds before the scheduled time. If this is the case then trains should never be late, but we all know different don't we!

Laraine said...

Keep up the good work.