Thursday, June 14, 2007

Don't You Feel Just a Little Bit Sorry for Paris Hilton?

Yes, I hear many of you say "hell know" to a question about feeling sorry for Paris Hilton and her latest jail fiasco.

Like many people I thought she was getting "celebrity treatment" when I read that her 45-day sentence had been cut to half of that for good behaviour - BEFORE she had even set foot in that jail. Hey, maybe it's some psychic power that the judge had, but how did he know she would be good? Had he had any reference form a previous jailer? Hmmm

Yes, I thought it was all a farse when I read that she would be in solitary confinement for 23 hours each day, and that she was being put onto a special wing. In my mind, she may not be eating at top celeb haunts, maybe her butler wouldn't be on hand, but I had images of sitting in her pinked out cell, putting on her make-up, laughing and joking to Lindsay Lohan or someone on her mobile, and basically not living like the rest of the prisoner.

Then I read she'd been released after just three days for some serious illness...
again the whole celebrity treatment thing came to mind, and I shrugged it off. It actually didn't surprise me. I was more surprised that she had actually made it into jail in the first place.

BUT, when I heard Paris had been sent back to jail, wailing "Mom, Mom..." and that she was now really going to serve the full 45-day sentence, I was shocked. My heart actually sank, and I did feel really sorry for her!

Poor cow...

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