Sunday, June 03, 2007

British Gas - Crap Service Continues... Do These People Ever Learn

I’ve been using a fridge freezer that switches itself off when it wants, rots my food and doesn’t freeze my ice cubes. Yes, life’s a bit dull and you may wonder why I don’t just buy a new one…

Hmmm…. The thought has crossed my mind. But then we’re one of those suckers who pay for British Gas Homecare – £44-odd pounds that we fork out to them every month to cover our boiler, five domestic appliances, pipes (which by the way does not cover our dripping tap… ok, I see the logic in that) I have no intention of getting rid of my fridge! – and as far as I am concerned, we’ve bought a new fridge freezer this year, through our payments to them!

Anyway, it’s been about two months, and we’ve been waiting for a part to come into stock. First lie. Basically the parts department have been waiting for a company called Connect to deliver the part, and that’s what they mean by out of stock. O…k….

Well, last Thursday I heard about the sixth or so of the weekly to fortnightly message from someone from the Parts Department. She – Stacey – didn’t even sound sympathetic when she left a pathetic message saying that the part was still out of stock “sorry”! But her tune soon changed when I demanded to speak to a manager that day or I was going to a) cancel my Homecare Agreement b) going to ring the new desk at the Sun. oh and I forgot about the complaints letter I threatened to write, which I told her would have her name on it.

My kettle hadn’t even boiled for my herbal tea when a manager called – surprise, surprise – and all of a sudden my part was ready and had instantly moved from out of stock status to in-stock status. All the manager – Jo – needed from me was availability. Needless to say, when I raised the coincidence of the Sun’s news desk and my fridge freezer part miraculously coming into stock to her, she didn’t have a response to give me… wish I’d thought of this eight weeks ago.

hey, and it looks like I'm not the only one whose had too much hassle to get the service I have been paying for...

And what hope does anyonehave when the new boss asks us to stick with them because they're a British company... hmmm I guess that makes it alright then.

What planet are these people from? Dealing with the level of incompetence is like having an extra part-time job or something... who needs that kind of stress when you're not even getting basic manners from the advisors?