Monday, August 13, 2007

What's with this nose-picking craze? Err!

What has happened to manners in this country?

Maybe I've become obsessed, but I think I'm being seiged by nose pickers! And they're not discreet about it either.

Gone are the days when someone who was casually reading a book or a newspaper (placed in their lap) would suddenly try to balance the book with one hand, so they could go for the kill down their nasal passage!

Now, people are so blatant about picking out bogies, it's shocking. They don't even use their Metro Newspapers to disguise their digging sessions anymore.

And I seem to be the only person on public transport to be shocked and disgusted by people who don't even try to hide it... oh and it's not even just on public transport now. In meetings, I've seen people go for a dig, and then...


Yes, flick!

That's the bit that gets to me the most. They rub their fingers together, wait for the greeny to get to the right consistency, then flick!

There was a time when I thought this was sex-related. But it's not!

Women, I'm ashamed to say, are just as bad.

Nose picking isn't only performed publicly by geeky anoraks anymore, oh no! Women who are all suited and booted, looking glamorous and with every eyelash intact all do it, too.


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Emz said...

Ew...the flicking is what kills it. FLICK. Gross. Don't they know they're spreading germs?